To all, to all my friends:

Rosh Hashanah 5777

To all, to all my friends:

Don’t cry because of mistakes made, you can always undo.
Rejoice in the good you did, multiply it.

Dont cry for missed opportunities.
Rejoice in new challenges.

Cry for the murdered without cause, it happens daily.
Let your protest be heard against injustice.

Rejoice with your family, feel the warmth it radiates.
Appreciate your friends, they are irreplaceable.

Reflect and study, you have unused resources.
Love, appreciate, help, share, become involved.

Promote understanding and peace.
Even in places where there is no apparent conflict.

Dont delve too much in your personal wellbeing.
You find happiness in doing for others.

Shanah tovah 5777
Rabbi Pynchas Brener