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3 thoughts on “Inspiración

  1. Rabino Brener que Dios guié tus pasos,rabino que debo hacer para judaizar me, tener la dicha de recibir de ud, la enseñanzas de la Tora , El Talmu y todo lo que me ayude hace un seguidor del Dios de Israel, Rabí le agradecería si me puede enviar el ejemplar 8 héroes vía Internet. orare al Dios de Abran para aprender de ud, sus designios

  2. Dear Rabi Brenner,

    Shalom, my name is Carolina Martinez and I’m the granddaughter of Nelson Luis Martinez. I recently went to visit Israel on a business trip and my thoughts are on this blog.

    After my trip my mother told me about my Grandfather and his relationship with the Jews in Venezuela and his friendship with you. I started doing some more research with my family but they don’t remember much. One of my uncles did say that there were 100 trees planted in Mount Jerusalem on his behalf, do you know about this?

    I loved my Grandfather, he meant the world to me and I’m sad that he left so early in my life. I would like to know more about him if possible.

    Please feel free to email me or call me. I speak both English and Spanish fluently but English comes naturally these days. I don’t if you remember but my father was in Scotland for 7 years and I learned English when I was little. I’ve now been living in the US for almost 15 years and consider this country home.

    I really hope this message gets to you and that we will be able to connect.

  3. Rabí, recientemente una amiga en España perdió a su hijo, casi adolescente. Está muy desolada. Me gustaría enviarle unas letras de aliento ¿qué puede recomendarme? mil gracias!